Pilot course teaching with technology – ‘Skills for the workplace’

Session on presenting skills – presenting micromastery skills. The items below are possible props to be used. For example a student can opt to deliver a short presentation on cutting onions without ending up in tears. Such micro skills can help boost a student’s self-esteem and show them that anyone can learn new things.

Putting together a fruit-fueled presentation.

Session on conflict resolution. Students were asked to throw around snowballs (or rather crumbled paper balls) to anonymously share a conflict that they have recently experienced or observed. Interpersonal clashes ranged from personal hygiene disputes with younger family members to disagreeing with a business partners on new product prospects. 

Brainstorming possible resolutions and entering them and letting the Wheel Decide which ones to act out. Discussing the outcome. 

Using Quizlet alongside with some good old printed treats. 

Meeting others. 

Using Kahoot! to introduce the topic of cultural differences. It turns out Bulgarians don’t waste their time on unwarranted politeness 😉